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We are an Alaskan-based company with high-quality Fat Tire Electric Bikes and Mid-Drive Electric Bikes. Our goal is to provide Burners with the best electric bike rentals for a safe and enjoyable riding experience during Burning Man in Black Rock City this August 27 through September 4, 2023.

Our Fat Tire Electric Bikes allow you to cruise the Playa faster and farther than a traditional bike. Electric bikes are quiet, safe, and fun to ride. The Fat Tires can easily handle the rough terrain of the Black Rock City desert. Our Electric Bikes are in compliance with the regulations of the Burning Man Organization. They are 750 watt, and can also be used as a traditional bike. You will, however, want to obey the suggested speed limit of 5 mph as recommended by the Burning Man organization.

We are certain that once you rent an Electric Bike from us, you’ll never go back to a traditional bike again.

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